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About Us

Hi. I'm Michele Steiner, and I write this blog. For a number of years I have been growing fruits, vegetables, and edible flowers in my organic, heirloom garden. (I grew all the flowers pictured on the site.) One day, I was in the kitchen, preserving the harvest, when I looked at the hand lotion sitting next to my sink.

I could barely pronounce half the ingredients, which is scary given my deep life sciences background. (For a number of years I practiced patent law, focusing on pharmaceuticals, especially dermatological products.) You shouldn't need to have taken organic chemistry at an Ivy League University (as I did at Cornell) to know what is in your skin care or your cosmetics. You shouldn't have to products filled with preservatives and other chemicals. Indeed, my motto is that if I wouldn't eat it, why would I put it on my face? 

I hope to empower readers and subscribers to know that there is an alternative to mass produced, commercially processed skin care care, filled with preservatives. In this blog, I'll give more information on recipes, kit curation, the benefits of the ingredients, and much more. With Prismatic's recipes and personalized kit of ingredients, you can do this!