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Sea Buckthorn Oil

Sea Buckthorn Oil is bright orange color is just screaming Vitamin A! Think fresh carrots straight from the garden or the farmer's market, and you have the idea. Color is important, not just because it's beautiful, but because nature has a way of sneaking all sorts of benefits into colorful plants. What makes raspberries red and blueberries blue is also good for you. Similarly, sea buckthorn oil comes from the small berries of the sea buckthorn plants. It is believed to help with wrinkle, aging, skin elasticity, brown spots, and much more. We include sea buckthorn oil in many of our serum kits so you can see for yourself. 

Recipe: DIY Moisturizer Combination Skin

1 tbl. of kokum butter
1 tbl. of cocoa butter
1 tbl. of ivory shea butter
1 tbl. of tamanu oil

Heat kokum butter until it melts, about two minutes in the microwave for big clump and about 1 minute for small pieces.

Stir in cocoa and ivory shea butter. Depending on how hot the kokum butter is, the shea and cocoa may melt on their own, but the mixture might need up to 30 seconds in the microwave.  

Stir in the tamanu oil and shake.  


You can experiment with texture by varying the amount of kokum butter (more kokum means a more solid product).

Reheat for 1-3 minutes if the ingredients begin to separate. Store upside down.

I took these photos the next day. What do your creations look like? Share photos in the comment section below.